wanna fly like a bird

wanna fly like a bird

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First lesson of PR

TODAY, I attended the first lesson for PR(Public Relation).
A lecturer, Ms. Tanya did an introduction to PR(quick introduction to this module)
and explained about our assignments for this class.
And i also heard that it is not an easy job because besides meeting different people, this may be kind of stressful. I may not have been punctual for all my past classes, but I will try to be at this time.
Accordingly, I have to prepare a lot for this class also want to get through it well like others.
I hope to complete this class and I am looking forward to the next lessons.
-by Joy Chia
PR is a professional discipline that aims to enhance an organizations reputation and stakeholder relations, to achieve its objectives through communications and related strategic tools. It is also important to define the profession in terms of its practice, values, and cultural context. As I mentioned at the first, the reason that theory is important is because theories are developed from research that informs practice and develops principles for practice as ''theory is the application of knowledge that has been varified and confirmed to consistently "work" in consistent situations' (Center, Jackson, Smith & Stansbury 2008:13). This chapter demonstrate an understand of PR, and help to understand the structure of the PR professiona with a focus on Australia and including some examples; New Zealand and Asia. Moreover, after read this chapter, I could have time to think about why theory is important to practice and what theory is important to PR practice.
- by Joy Chia
- This chapter help us to understand what is shaping the profession and develop an understanding of some ways to respond to changing enviroments in the profession.Moreover, It explores the rationale for Public Relations practice as it responds to global and international trends and influences, online communcation changes and new ways to communicate, and changing professional demographics. Harris & Fleisher(2008), our understanding of global trends and why we need to be conversant with the way these trends influence public affairs globally. Another influence on Public Relations practice is the international context and increased tension between local-global perspective. Do you think which is more important; global or local? Even thought there may be restrictions on mediated and unmediated communication, global awareness about issues has a way of empowering public opinion (Sharpe & Pitchard 2004).

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  1. I think making preparations for the global world is more important as after all these years, globalization is taking place and every country is dependent on each other in one way or another. Therefore, besides being concern about local issues, we should be aware of what is happening globally so as to be able to face global challenges in the long run.