wanna fly like a bird

wanna fly like a bird

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fifth lesson of PR

YAY ! I am back now :) During today's tutorial Ms.Joleen (sorry about the name) came to our class and introduced of her company. The company name was OCD which published since February 2009 and showed us about Disorganization Woes pictures; messy room, designer room, and kitchens. Moreover, compared with before and after picture so that it was pretty clear to understand about what is her job.

OCD Company is the Singapore's first and only professional organizing service and provides individualized organizing solutions to daily living. I think this idea is really good because we always think to clean up the messy stuff but never started it... The cost is 80 dollars per hours so it would be ok for clients also. They are not doing advertise on TV or Radio, most of their advertising in online, Postcard Flyers, Media-Magazine, especially word of mouth (introduce to friends).

During her speech, I loved her one quote which is when you start to look at the messy room first, it is really stressful but when the progressing of cleaning is going well, she says she is really satisfied to do her job. There is not much chance to people do what they want to do. I think she is very lucky and pretty enjoying her life as well :) and hope to do well in my Assignment 3!!!!!

*Engaging with the media*

- I think this chapter is going to understand the importance of news values and news framing and could consider the theories and ethical practices of media relations. The public relations role involves looking for opportunities to publish newsworthy stories about your organisation that wll support yout objectives-to increase awareness, improve community relations, attract people to an event, even to minimise concern about something that is not woking well. Because they can anticipate the contested space, an can advise on the most effective strategy to achieve the desired media response.

Moreover, it is important to explore theories that can be applied to your work with the media: agenda-setting theorists, uses, and gratifications theorists, spiral of silence theory, two-step flow teory, framing theory, socilogial theory and social reality.
The question, Is bad news more newsworthy than good? what do you think about it? I think i tend to think that the media are only interested in bad news and on actual survey, the average percentage of negative stories was much higher: 56 percent. The figures from the sample in book go a little way towards substantiating political media advisers' claims that journalists tended o seek out negative news.

To be continued.......=)


  1. I guess media is one of the most important and useful tool in PR practice.
    But Yale, I don't think that media are only interested in bad news. :) Like us, when we are writing news stories in CMNS1280, we are also attracted by volunteer events, celebrations, etc. :)
    But it's true that people are more interested in reading bad news. I guess psychology can explain this. :)

  2. I also feel that the public is more interested in the bad news because it somehow makes them feel better? Human nature I guess. However, I feel that be it good news or bad news, that piece of news has to be newsworthy before it can actually reach out to people.