wanna fly like a bird

wanna fly like a bird

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sixth lesson of PR:)

Welcome back to Yale's blog =) I had a Debate 2 during the tutorial and topic was it was obvious that media relations should be the focus of the PR campaign.

What are Media relations? public relations campaign focus less on advertising and more on giving valuable information to the public usually without including a sales pitch. it is often much easier to educate an individual so that they recognize their own want or needs rather than attempting to directly sell a product.

Moreover, it involves working with variou media for the purpose of informing the public of an organization's mission, policies and practices in a positive, consistent and credible manner. Typically, this means coordinating directly with the people responsible for producing the news and features in the mass media. Moreover, the goal of media relations is to maximize positive coverage in the mass media without paying for it directly throught advertising. Traditionally, the media was thought of as being people in charge of content at television stationsm radio stations, newspaper, popular magazines and trade magazines.

Today, depending who you talk to, bloggers, online TV stations, online radio stations, online magazines, and podcasters are now considered part of the media as well. A media relations is very important to people, because it has obviou reason which is media placements extend marketing budgets, increase credibility and allow a message to spread much faster than advertising alone. In additin, establishing relationships with the media can ensure fair coverage should controversy arise involving your organisation. Through the debate, i also able to know media relations is important thing to know for PR campaign. In addition, people available to find Media relations online, the internet has democratized the media and the way media relations is practiced.

*6.Public relations practice & 9. Strategies to Proactively Manage activity*

These 2 chapters able to descrie how strategy is an integral part of public relations practice, helpful to understand the key concepts of how meaning is constructed in a contested space, intentional representation, and intended meaning. Moreover, able to describe the major tactics used within public relations and in what settings they might be useful.

What is strategy? it is central to the role and function of public relations. The strategic contribution of public relations practitioners develops 'problem- solving strategies for the entire organization' by working with other departmets and coordnating problems-solving activities. If you are promoting a cinema complex, your competitor might seem to be another cinema complex.


  1. Wow, nice list of media relations you've got going on there!

  2. Think its important that PR management respond to any sign of negativity as soon as possible. This will allow them to come up with a suitable plan to prevent it to manifest into something out of control. Therefore, it is important for the crsis personnel in charge to be able to identify, or the ability to do so. =)